Have some fun with this Valentine's Day quiz (ladies only)

Does your partner/spouse/much beloved push all your right buttons? See if you're on the same romantic wavelength by taking our Valentine's Day Quiz.

What's your idea of the perfect Valentine's Day gift?

A. A candlelit dinner at the place you first met (even if it was at Tesco's)
B. A fluffy pink teddy festooned with love hearts
C. A new pair of hiking boots.
D. A slinky wraparound satin dressing gown (but he keeps the belt).

What's your idea of the perfect way to propose marriage?

A. When you're somewhere between the frozen corn and the check-out counter in the supermarket.
B. Over a sumptuous candlelit dinner, lovingly prepared by him.
C. On matching mountain bikes watching the sun set over five counties.
D. During a steamy session over the tumble drier.

After a disastrous bad hair day, what are the words you'd most like to hear him say?

A. Go put your feet up and I'll order a takeaway.
B. Give me a cuddle and tell me all about it.
C. Why don't we go down to the leisure club and chill in the sauna?
D. Come here, you sexy thing.

When your partner returns from a 3-day business trip, what would be the most romantic thing you could do?

A. Make him a cuppa and find out how his trip went.
B. Fill the house with candles and cook his favourite meal.
C. Curl up with him on the sofa and watch A Question of Sport on TV.
D. Leave a trail of your clothes from the front door to the bedroom.

What's your idea of the perfect date?

A. Talking all night about your feelings and everything that's important to you.
B. Dinner at a cosy bistro serenaded by violins.
C. Going skydiving together.
D. Watching a hot movie in bed and then...

After arriving at an idyllic tropical holiday resort at 4pm, what would you most like to do?

A. Talk about the first romantic holiday you shared together.
B. Find a deserted spot on the beach where the two of you can be alone.
C. Practice Tai Chi on the roof terrace to unwind.
D. Rip off your clothes and run together naked into the sea.

Where would you find the most romantic place to make love?

A. On a furry rug in front of the TV.
B. In a bed strewn with rose petals.
C. In a grassy mountain meadow on a sultry summer day.
D. In the rear seats of a jumbo jet

Whatís the most romantic present you think you could give your special love?

A. Two nights in Paris with the free flights voucher you got from a newspaper promotion.
B. A week's luxury cruise in the Caribbean.
C. Matching tracksuits.
D. You, covered in whipped cream.

Who would co-star with you in your most romantic fantasy?

A. Sean Bean
B. Your partner
C. Your personal trainer
D. The England Rugby team.

What's the most romantic thing your partner could do for you?

A. Cook the dinner for you for one day every week.
B. Write you beautiful love poems.
C. Massage you all over with essential oils.
D. Exchange his boxers for a leather thong.

What your answers reveal

If your answers were mainly A
You're a Thoughtful Romantic

To you, romance is about mutual support, from sharing the housework to sharing feelings and memories. You find romance in sensible and practical things. Sure you like flowers but prefer hand-picked posies to an expensive bouquet. What really brings out your romantic nature is fluffing up his cushions while he watches TV or sharing small talk while he helps you fold the washing. Your belief in true love meaning caring for one another is sure to bring you a rich and lasting relationship. Just don't let your party of two shut out the rest of the world.

If your answers were mainly B
You're a Soppy Romantic

You have an idealised notion of romance. Your dreams are the stuff of legend from horse-drawn carriage rides to perfume-scented love letters, candlelight and flowers. Your bookshelves are probably filled with Danielle Steel novels and 19th century poetry. You've been known to get weepy over sentimental TV commercials and sigh wistfully when you see an elderly couple holding hands. Your infatuation with the traditional aspects of romance means you don't always respond when your chap expresses himself in less flowery ways, like putting up your shelves. So long as you don't let yourself get carried away by your fantasies feel free to delight in those picture-perfect romantic moments.

If your answers were mainly C
You're a Rebellious Romantic

You like to call the shots and create your own particular brand of romance. Nothing bugs you more than traditional romantic holidays. Rebellious Romantics can be found with their partners rock climbing in the Andes, white-water rafting in France and joining in archaeology digs. Your particular charm comes from being mistress of your own domain, a special kind of romance thatís often misunderstood. Providing you can curb any overwhelming urge to take total control of your man and every conceivable situation, your romantic type is both powerful and touching to those who understand.

If your answers were mainly D
You're a Sexy Romantic

For you, romance is all about the pleasures of physical intimacy. Any fella who doesn't turn you on is definitely off your date list. Few things make you happier than flirting with a hunk with A-list sex appeal. You love physical activities like biking, hiking and, of course, indoor sports. You are decidedly sensual with a strong desire to express yourself physically. However, while your free spirit is admirable, skin sags and bellies spread. You and your partner won't be young forever. Be sure there's real love and loyalty behind all that unbridled passion!

Val Valentine, advertising and direct mail copywriter

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