Detail from advertising devised and developed for Morland 'Old Speckled Hen' premium ale.
Fox illustrations by Gary Andrews.

Frequently Asked Questions


Here is a compiled list of questions I get asked from time to time. Please use the menu on the right to view the whole list.

How much will it cost?

I'm very affordable. I can be as flexible (and negotiable) as you need me to be with quotes based on time or by project. Once I have a clear brief and know what the job or project involves, you'll have a firm, fixed-fee quote.

For an idea of the ballpark my fees are in, if you're an ad agency or any other creative company, my pricing is geared so we both make a profit. I charge agencies a simple day rate with a half day minimum and discounts for 5 days or more. Here's how it works:

1. Standard day rate of £350
2. Discounted rate of £300 per day (5 days or more)
3. Contract rate of £250 per day for 5 or more days a month, ongoing

If you want to compare hourly fees, around about £45 p/h is pretty accurate.

For new clients I require 50% of my fee in advance. That's because you don't know me and I don't know you. The deposit shows me you're serious about wanting me for the project you've briefed me on.

I don't charge extra for rush jobs or weekend work, but hey - I've got a family - so bank holiday working comes at a 40% premium.

Are you VAT registered?


What do your charges include?

The fee can include all phone and email consultations, desk research, an outline of the first draft, the first draft and up to 2 rounds of revisions, so long as they're assigned within 15 days of your receiving the copy. If the goalposts change after my work is received, however, requiring a complete rewrite, that will be a new charge. I'll revise my original quote for your approval before I continue.

I don't charge for travel for in-house work within a 55 mile radius of Junction 9 on the M5. Outside of this area I charge 30p per mile plus the cost of accommodation when it's called for.

Please see my Terms & Conditions for all the fine print and legal stuff. You'll need to agree to this before I start working for you.

Do you work with an art director?

I can work with just about any art director or provide a choice of good ones I'm currently working with.

What information do you need from me?

The best briefs get the best results. And get them faster! Very basically, I need to know what the product or service is; who it is that buys, or you want to buy it; what benefits the customer will get from buying and anything else that you want to highlight. I've put briefing guidelines on my site which are worth looking at if you've got a specific project in mind.

You're in the Midlands, I'm not. Is this a problem?

Thanks to the phone and the internet I can work for you, wherever in the world you are. Initially, however, I find the phone helps get to the heart of things most quickly. After that a combination of phone and email seems to work perfectly. You can give me a call on (01684) 772 021 or (07802) 959 009. (If you're outside the UK, use your international access code, then 44 1684 772 021 or 44 7802 959 009.)

For clients in further-flung parts of the UK, I'm happy to visit you to take a brief, then submit work by post, fax or email. Or I'll find a cheap B&B near your office and work in-house for up to a fortnight at a time.

What if you don't have experience of my/my client's business?

No copywriter could know as much about your business or client as you do. Is that a problem? No - because (a) research is fundamental to the writing process and (b) approaching a subject with no previous experience of it - hence no preconceptions - means you get a fresh perspective.

However, I suspect you'll find your product or service listed in Accounts worked on. I've dipped into most market sectors in my career.

Do you also do editing?

Yes. Some clients find it more affordable to write their own copy and send it to me for editing. If you're on a really tight budget, this can be a good option.

Also, if you'd like an objective review of any of your marketing communications, along with suggestions about how they could be improved, I'm happy to oblige for a flat fee of 75. If it then turns out that you'd like me to rewrite them for you, normal charges will apply.

Do you offer any services other than copywriting?

Please see the Services page of my site. As well as copywriting, I'm also highly experienced in strategic brand development. That includes creative marketing strategies, brand positionings, brand naming, market research and much more.

I've found that some small-scale, low budget market research gives advertising, design and DM agencies a real edge in a pitch situation. Call me on 01684 772 021 or 07802 959 009 if you'd like to find out more. Or email

Do you write in any language other than English?

American. Otherwise, no.

Are you up-to-date with current compliance legislation for UK financial marketing?

It seems to change every time the sun comes up, but I believe I am.

How about UK regulations pertaining to alcoholic drinks?

So far as I know, I'm aware of all current legislation and the acceptable parameters for advertising.

For Creative Advertising or DM copywriting contact me here:
Tel: +44 (0) 1844 212 883
Mob: +44 (0) 7802 959 009