Detail from advertising devised and developed for Morland “Old Speckled Hen” premium ale.
Fox illustrations by Gary Andrews.


Advertising, DM and design agencies and consultancies that need to

  • meet screaming copy deadlines when staff are stretched;
  • add copywriting firepower or dipstick market research to up your odds in an important pitch*;
  • find fresh, creative ideas to build/revive a brand;
  • get expert help to position or reposition a brand;
  • employ a copywriter who can also spell, punctuate and write grammatically correct copy, either long or short;
  • find reliable cover for holiday or maternity leave;
  • create or extend a list of good copywriters to call on at short notice.

Marketers, printers, web designers or small companies that need
  • strategic input
  • hard-working trade and consumer copy or a complete TTL campaign;
  • a quick, intelligent turnaround on brochures or other BTL work;
  • cost effective DM packs and/or sales letters that do the business;
  • an objective view of your marketing communications;
  • to create or optimise a website.

It doesn't matter if you, your project or the job is big or small. I've worked in nearly every market sector and across all media -- consumer ads (press and broadcast), business-to-business ads and videos, posters, newsletters and in-house magazines, mail shots, sales letters, POS and packaging, web writing and product naming (lots of it). Check out Accounts worked on - you're likely to find your product or service there.

*In a pitch or re-pitch situation, it's amazing how some quick dipstick market research can give you the edge. With experience of qualitative market research that includes focus groups, interviews, market reports and more, I can help. For details, call me on +44 (0) 7802 959 009 or +44 (0) 1844 212 883.

Words cannot express.
Don't you believe it. In the right hands words can drive your business forward. Speaking as someone with a fresh, inventive way with words, you'll get expressly the results you want when you click here.