Detail from advertising devised and developed for Morland “Old Speckled Hen” premium ale.
Fox illustrations by Gary Andrews.

Why Choose Me?

Because success breeds success.

My clients' success is the measure of mine. I've been helping them make tonnes of money for more than 25 years, loving just about every minute of it.

Working as a through-the-line writer, creative director and creative planner in top London and regional agencies, as well as further afield, I'm pleased to have won a clutch of awards both for creativity and marketing effectiveness.

I've done freelance copywriting for national and multinational organisations and for one-man bands - all with equal gusto and commitment.

I'm as comfortable writing highly technical copy as I am writing copy for direct mail and advertising, words that persuade, influence and reassure.

Brand>concept>copy I know the drill. I can follow the style set for an established brand or establish the positioning and tone of voice for a brand in its infancy or in need of a new direction.

Web writing calls for a different approach. The format says keep it short but the reader is searching for information. Structure, planning and understanding your audience is what it takes.

I'm used to writing copy that needs to translate into other European languages. An American by birth and British by marriage, I can also promise that your copy will work on either side of the Pond.

The fluffy bit is that I care about my clients and their marketing communications. I give you 110% - however big or small your company or the job.

I've got a way with words.
And I've got the awards to prove it. Now successfully freelancing, I've got what it takes to get your product or service noticed - and sold. Let's talk. Call +44 (0) 1844 212 883, +44 (0) 7802 959 009 or email

In so many words
Or so few. The art of knowing what and how much to say, and how to say it to get response, is the product of experience. And I've got plenty of it. Contact me to make your clients or company richer.